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Bride and Groom in Nature
Welcome to the


Our mission to provide biblically-based professional couples therapy to help Christian couples experience greater peace, healing, and purpose.



It is our desire to:

  • integrate Biblical truth with the best professional couples counseling approaches (Emotionally Focused Therapy, Gottman, Imago, Internal Family Systemsthat psychology has to offer,

  • connect you with a licensed couples therapist or couples coach who has a saving faith in Jesus Christ,

  • invite God's healing power into our conversations,

  • serve clients from every denomination and from many different backgrounds, including those who have little or no religious affiliation,

  • have a clear therapy roadmap for moving a couple forward but be open to the Holy Spirit's guidance,

  • put your relationship on a path to feel mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy,

  • offer the convenience of online couples counseling to give you access the help you need, when and how you can best receive it.


You may find other counseling groups that are Christian.

And you may find a counseling center that focus on Couples. 

But we believe that Christian Couples Counseling is an art unto itself and that this "double focus" (Christian and couples) gives you the best chance to bring healing to your relationship and ultimately honor GOD in doing so.

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