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Romantic Couple


We are all created to be in relationship to God and each other; yet, it is easy for your marriage to become mired in conflict, burdened by past or current trauma, or other difficult life issues.


To break free, the Christian Couples Counseling Center provides a safe place for you to honestly work through your issues with grace and understanding, and without fear of harsh judgement. 


Here are some of the areas we typically focus on:​​

    • Establish the marriage covenant as a reflection the love and relationship between Christ and His church. Examine where the couple's covenant commitment is aligned and where you are off track, and then build a shared relationship vision for your marriage going forward.

    • Establish a path to becoming trustworthy for your partner through open communication, consistency in your actions, and a commitment to honesty and transparency. 

    • Learn to a process to forgive each other and heal from betrayal. Walk through the forgiveness steps of recognizing and sharing your hurts, understanding the underlying reasons for the wounding offenses, comforting each other, praying for healing, changing in deeds and in words, and asking for and receiving forgiveness.

    • Reshape (with God's guidance) what we say to our partner and how we say it.

    • Find ways to hear each other and validate each other's perspective as an act of sacrificial love. 

    • Set the couple on path to shared spiritual intimacy so you can experience God together.

    • Understand how God has wired us to be loved and to love others (think Love Languages) in order to build emotional intimacy.

    • Help the couple honor sex as a beautiful, God-designed act, created for procreation and for pleasure. 

    • Learn how to connect with your deepest needs and express them in a constructive way instead of a level of aggression that harms your partner.

    • Support your efforts to raise your children as a unified front, with love and focused attention, giving them a picture of God’s love, grace and truth in their everyday life in your family.

    • Examine finances and spending as a couple with the goal of building a shared plan for stewardship of what God has entrusted us with.

    • Honestly deal with mental health issues such as addiction, depression or anxiety. Understand both the spiritual and psychological aspects of the struggle and build a solid plan for the couple to move forward together.

We will work on the areas are most important to you. To get started, complete the contact form below.


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